Perfect Playlist for Spotify

Take full control of your playlists. Make mixes that match every occasion. Express your musical creativity without limits.


More Than Words.

Explore the features that make your favourite songs.

Using machine learning and advanced signal processing, songs are analysed and quantified by their musical features.

Labelling each song with numeric attributes means that you can compare, contrast, and mix songs in ways you couldn’t before, moving from instinctive ambiguity to mathematical certainty.

It opens up new dimensions to creativity, allowing you to conduct and command your mixes to your vision like never before.

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Get Groovy, Be A Trendsetter.

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    Infinite Possibilities.

    Chop and change how features progresses throughout the playlist, exactly how you like it and make each mix your own.

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    Set The Weight.

    Make sure your favourite features don't get left behind by setting how much you value each one, making sure your playlist conforms to your vision.

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    Oven Ready Presets.

    Use our ready made curves designed by our team of mix specialists when you need a quick fix for your music.

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Set The Scene, Stack 'em Up.

Mix and match multiple features, to create the Perfect Playlist.

Create scenes for every occasion by layering features on top of each other. Let our bespoke trade-off analysis algorithm make swift work of the billions of permutations of possible playlists generated, to find the perfect one that mirrors your vision without flaw. Or start off with our expertly crafted templates.

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